Monday, April 15, 2013

Project Two: last minute tweaks

I wanted to change a couple of minor details to our title card.  Here's the final FINAL version:
Let's give credit where credit is due... I added the Hanna-Barbera logo above our title.  And I moved the word "in" closer to the title.  It takes away some of that annoying symmetry and, I think, it reads so much better now... but maybe that's too much fussing. 

Also, I brightened the "Exit Stage Left" in Photoshop... it was a little too dim... and I darkened the word "in."  All in all this is now a pretty decent title card... if I do say so myself.

And by the way, I hate that tree on the left.  What was I thinking when I drew that foliage?  Anyway............. they're only supposed to be representations of trees.  A stylistic device, if you will.  But if I did this one over again I'd make that tree more believable.

So there's Project Two.  Now to dream up Project Three.

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