Friday, April 19, 2013

Project the Third: El Kabong Strikes Again

A while back I story-boarded a few scenes from El Kabong Strikes Again as an exercise.  You can see it here and decide for yourselves how successful I was.

I acknowledge that there isn't much value in storyboarding a completed cartoon except as an exercise.  And to gain an understanding of just how much work storyboarding is.  Trust me, it's a ton of work.  And I did things the easy way.  I'll never amount to anything as a storyboarder, that's for sure.

To all the professional storyboarders out there, hats off to you!!  

Anyway, let me pitch the premise for our third project: 

1)  It's either a poster or a comic book cover.  Right now I'm leaning toward poster because the visual lays out better in landscape rather than portrait.  But then... I'm not very good at these things.

2)  I envision Baba Loo pushing El Kabong into a bullring.  Here's the capture:
3)  At the opposite side of the bullring emerges this big, dangerous bull.  The capture:
4)  In the stands the lovely senorita (for whom El Kabong has entered the bull-fighting contest) tries handing him his guitar, or "El Kabonger!"
I plan on putting a guitar in her outstretched hand.
5)  And finally, the Terrible Tabasco sits in the stands enjoying the spectacle and the prospect of El Kabong being gored by the bull:
The capture actually has the Terrible Tabasco facing the other way but I want him behind and above El Kabong.  Conversely, I want the lovely senorita above the menacing bull and facing El Kabong.
That's the pitch.  A poster that tells a little story.  Once we've blue penciled all the main elements and fit it together we can worry about placing a title... if we consider that wise.

The bullring will be very simple.  We'll be at a grounds-eye view so, really, all we'll see is a concave wall and two door openings facing one another.  I love the soft, pastel clouds in the cartoon and I just know I'll try putting them in the poster (I'm a sucker for visuals).

Visualize: a door at either side.  From the left emerges the bull.  Above the bull, in the stands, the lovely senorita desperately offers El Kabong his guitar.  From the right Baba-loo pushes a reluctant El Kabong into the ring.  Above them, in the stands, the Terrible Tabasco laughs his evil laugh... delighted that this arch nemisis is about to meet a "gore-y" end.

Hey!  Not a bad lil' pun!

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