Sunday, April 14, 2013

Project Two (con't): colorful conclusion

The eyes play tricks on us.  Here Snagglepuss is actually a shade of orange but, because of the green background, we insist on seeing pink:

This I have to say is pretty colorful for a title card.  This would be better suited to the Fred Seibert era at Hanna-Barbera, maybe, than the original cartoons.

In any case my eyes are enjoying the color contrasts.

The "cloud letters" look as if they've been gently distorted by a breeze although I wonder if I look at this next week I'll think the same thing.  For one thing, they don't look as if they're off in the distance... they look as if they're directly over Snaggles.  What would a cloud-shifting breeze be doing so close to the ground?  Illogical... but it's a cartoon.  On the other hand their gentle curviness is a nice offset to an otherwise square-and-across composition.  I'm sticking with it.

As for hoping the title card will tell you something about the cartoon, let's see.  Snagglepuss for no apparent reason waits outdoors until near-sunset to suddenly launch into a run.  Gee... I wonder what the cartoon could be about?  Something about running...  something about sunset... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I give up.

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