Thursday, April 25, 2013

Project Three: blue pencil characters

It's been a busy week but, anyway, here are the blue pencils.

Ladies first.  Here's the lovely senorita:
Love the tortoise-shell comb in her hair.  "Senor El Kabong," she's frantically calling.  "Your gee-tar!!"

And then El Toro, the mad bull:
He's emerging from the left so a portion of him is hidden by the doorway.  How economical!!  I can draw the front half of a bull all day!  Some of my friends say I'm all bull... but whatta they know!!?
Being pushed into the arena by Babalu is El Kabong:
"Now-a hold on there, Baba!!"
And taking it all in is the Terrible Tasbasco (note I've given the eyebrows an evil downward slant:
"Heh heh!  Ees a good day for the bull!"
Here I've populated our bullring "stage" with the blue pencil characters.  I've lightened the background a bit so you can see the transparent characters but once they've been painted in I'm bringing up the contrast:

I want to add a title, El Kabong Strikes Again, and at the same time I'm trying to lessen the annoying symmetry.  This is a challenge.  But have no fear.  I, El Kabong!!, shall prevail!

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