Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Project One (con't): progress report

My time has been limited but I've kept working on the project.  Here it is so far:
The background is coming along nicely and the only thing we're missing is the water around Wally's little island.  Right now it looks like it's in the middle of a dry cement pool. I have some ideas about putting water in the pool, so to speak.  That will be tomorrow's project.

Those buildings in the distance are effective in communicating that Wally is in the middle of the city... but if Art Lozzi had done those building he'd be sure to put a water tower or two on them.  I dunno... they serve their purpose as is.  Too much detail on a distant background element could be distracting.  Lemme think about it...

The "City Zoo" sign works one moment and the next it looks too uneven.  I think it might be wise to rewrite the sign so "City Zoo" covers the length of the sign.

I like the foliage behind the fence.  That's actually a combination of shades of green and some SketchBook Pro "texture" brushes.

The chainlink fence itself is very simple and, to my eyes, effective.

The salmon lettering still seems to do a good job of offsetting a picture full of greys and greens.

To be continued.  Stay tuned.

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