Monday, April 8, 2013

Project Two (con't): drawing Snagglepuss

So I decided I wanted his head to face the same direction he was going to move.  That is, his "Exit stage left!" pretty much necessitates that he be looking to his left.

Here's the blue pencil:
That describes him pretty well, I think.

Here's the same drawing using SketchBook Pro's "steady stroke" feature:
I like the thick-n-thin with that particular brush, the # 2 brush.

Like several of the earlier Hanna-Barbera animal characters, Snagglepuss has "clam shell" ears.  For comparison, check out the model sheet for Pixie 'n Dixie:
Notice the ears aren't circular or oval but are that distinct clam shell shape.

Something else to notice about Snagglepuss is that his head slopes rather dramatically to his "hair points."  One nicely curved line from above his eyes to the side of his head.  His snout, although large, is logically balanced and never seems too "heavy" for him.  His jaw protrudes.

He has a pleasant tummy and soft teddy bear feet.  His tale forms an easy, lazy S.

I like everything about Snagglepuss.  I guess I should be saying, "Heavens to Mergatroyd!"

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