Sunday, April 21, 2013

Project Three: building a bullring

Now here is how a project gets away from you.  I meant only to blue pencil the outline of my bullring and then draw and fit my characters to it, but I got started on that bullring and before I knew it I was painting.

I tried very hard to stay true to the original Bob Gentle design.  Here it is for better or worse:
I maintained the color scheme and I even put those pastel clouds in the deep blue sky.  I pulled everything from SketchBook Pro into Photoshop and added some deep tones and contrast.

As you can see this will never make it as a comic book cover.  So... poster it is!

Remember, from the left the bull is emerging from that big square door.  Above him in the stands the lovely senorita tries to hand El Kabong his guitar.  From the right Babalu is pushing a reluctant El Kabong into the ring and above them, sitting in the stands, is the Terrible Tabasco enjoying the show.

Now to blue pencil the cast of characters and fit them on the stage.

P.S. What got me impatient about painting the background is that last night I visited SketchBook Pro's Facebook page.  There are so many incredibly talented people using that program... it's truly humbling.  I posted my Snagglepuss title card and actually got a few "likes."  Sympathy likes, more like it. 

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