Friday, April 11, 2014

The Jim Fletcher-style head

Here's the first example of how to draw a Jim Fletcher-style head.

First, we can draw an oval:
Nuthin' fancy....

 Then we add our face "eyes/nose" lines:

Now we draw in the head shape, emphasizing the indent and giving a nice curvature to the head:
We add our nose and mouth... I'm using Fletcher's example but you can choose any nose shape you like.  Short and stubby like this one, or long and thin.  It' up to you:
Now I rough in the eyes.  For me, eyes are hard.  I want to get the shape just right.  Fletcher as well as a lot of the HB artists bring the eyes to a slight point on top.
Finally we clean up our drawing:
And viola!, one funny head shape!

Notice that unlike the HB clean ups I referenced earlier, Jim Fletcher does allow the suggestion of a neck.  I like to think of his heads basically as balloons that inflate out of the shoulders.  As they get more inflated and the balloon stretches it creates these oddball shapes, slightly off-kilter, that I really like.

Tomorrow we'll try another of his head examples.  Until then.

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