Wednesday, April 2, 2014

HB Design: Heavyset Male Human Character # 4

As a 4th example of the HB heavyset male, human character here's Mr. Cogswell from The Jetsons:
Doesn't look terribly happy.  Here's Mr. Cogswell with our height proportions:
I might have drawn the legs just a tad too short but, overall, Mr. Cogswell is consistent with our "quarters" theory.

So in creating a HB style heavyset male, human character, we want to be mindful of the following:

  • The body is comprised of fourths: the head encompass a fourth, the legs and feet encompass a fourth, the torso comprises 2 fourths.
  • No visible neck.  The head "emerges" from the body.
  • The torso is basically an oval.  Nuthin' fancy.
  • The head indents at the nose, resulting in the lower half being larger in circumference than the upper half.
Here's a couple of other observations... and in the interest of time I'm not going to draw every example.


While simply standing, the character often has the feet spread apart...
... as with Mr. Spacely here (drawing courtesy of Hanna Barbera)... or at an inverted "V" angle:
Check out the front view of Fred and Barney; notice the "v" angle of the feet.
... as with Fred and Barney (drawings courtesy of Hanna Barbera).  Also, I notice that full on frontal poses were less popular among the character designers at HB than three quarter poses.  With good reason, I think, as three quarter poses are more interesting.


Simplicity in the hands often masks complex design choices (as a friend observed).  I suppose it depends on the situation but many HB characters sport arms ending in "finger clusters"... kinda spooky when you think about it but very funny when they were rendered by the good folks at HB.

I was noodling around with hands I observed on different HB characters.  Note: not all the characters above are human.
Personally, hands can be hard for me to draw.  I find I have to do them slowly but even then, it's hard for me not to make the fingers too fat.

These hands belong to Mr. Jinx, the cat.  But they're good generic hands nonetheless.
So I think we have enough material to create our own heavyset male, human character.  Whatdya think?

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