Saturday, April 12, 2014

Another Fletcher-style head

I really like Fletcher's character "The Friendly Fireman."  Goofy looking but with aerodynamic lines... a pleasure to draw.  Let's take it step by step.
1.  Start with an oval.

2.  Add the eyes/nose/ears guides.

3.  Shape the head using our oval as a reference.

4.  Add the facial features.
5.  Let's draw that big ol' fireman's hat!

6.  Finish roughing the final features.
See how it cleans up nicely?
For those of you using pencil and paper you might be wondering: how do you erase all the rough sketching for your clean-up?  In the paper and pencil days the animators would use a light box and place a clean sheet of paper over the rough drawing to pencil in the finished drawing. 

In fact, they might even hire a guy or gal to do cleanup... it was the cleaned up copies that were forwarded to the ink and paint department.  Otherwise it might be too confusing for the inkers to decipher which of the rough ovals, circles and construction lines to keep.

Digital cleanup is basically the same thing.  After creating your rough drawing you create a new layer and draw your final drawing.

Anyway I found this particular character to be a lot of fun to draw and I hope you enjoy drawing him as well.

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