Thursday, April 10, 2014

Another way of presenting a few characters

Whitman Publishing put out hard cover books similar to Little Golden Books which also incorporated Hanna-Barbera characters.  One of the artists they used was Jim Fletcher, other times referred to as James Fletcher.

I get a huge kick out of his generic men characters.  Here are some scans of where I noodled with Fletcher characters:
...even the dog looks funny!

Extrapolating on a generic Fletcher character.

Odds 'n ends Fletcher style.
... and here's a digital drawing of the "guy in a fedora":
They don't especially violate our heavyset human male character "rules" more than they are an interesting variation of them.  They aren't made up of perfect fourths... these are very rough fourths, leaving the cartoonists a lot more discretion.  The legs tend to bend at the knee.  The feet face forward rather than appear splayed directly apart.  These body postures are less assertive than our earlier HB examples but they're still pretty dang funny-looking.

Compare the pictures above with this composite of our 4 earlier HB examples:

I really like the Fletcher head shapes and that will be the subject of our next post.  Stay tuned.

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