Friday, April 18, 2014

Rough sketch... very rough.

If you're looking for inspiration in drawing women... especially cartoon-style women... I can't think of a better artist to follow than Shane Glines.

He's one of the best there is.

This morning I tried a rough sketch of one of his most innocuous drawings... warning, the "Glines gals" can get pretty risque... while trying to capture the proportions, the curves, the angles, etc.
I'm not after finished product here, just a hint of how it should lay out.

Let's notice a couple of things before venturing on in this wild, new, wacky world of drawing the fairer sex (sorry, got a little excited there):

Notice the angles, especially of the upper body to the lower.  This gal is so tall and thin and lithe and flexible... it's like trying to draw a piece of string.  String with curves, that is.

The head is big in proportion to the body... this is a cartoon after all... but not so enormous you can't stand it.

The legs are long!  Whoa!!  Those are some long legs!  H.G. Wells once remarked young girls are all legs and hair.  From the feet to the waist that probably takes up 2/3s of the figure.

Young people are flexible.  When self-conscious they twist themselves into tortuous postures with no apparent discomfort.  Old people stand upright and squat.  They can't afford to be self-conscious because standing too long hurts.

The eyes are huge.  She almost looks like an alien bug.  Young girl eyes are interesting and we'll examine that further.

Incidentally, I could never have drawn today's exercise intuitively... I don't have the chops.  Glines is the expert.

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