Sunday, May 26, 2013

Project Four progress report: police station and cafe

Gotta tell ya, I'm enjoying the haaaa-le out of this project.

After establishing my blue pencil layout I went to work on the police station first.  I love the colors and I love the suggestion of texture to the walls... just enough stippling to give the impression of rough bricks:
The only thing missing is the American flag from the original.  I'll add that before the project is over.  This is not the final product as I'll add my final shading when I've completed all elements.

The original picture has that "brick stippling" texture in droves and I'm not sure how they get it.  Either they add to a basic color layer with a good texture brush or they Photoshop the walls with a pixelation filter, then add a slight guassian blur.  Either way is highly effective to suggest bricks.

Next I got to work on the little cafe.  Here's my progress:
Love the awning.  When I fit them to my layout sheet, this is what we get:
... and when I make the layout layer visible, here are the two buildings in context:
That's as much progress as I made so far and I worked most the afternoon on it.  So, pretty slow going.  But good things are worth waiting for.

More to come.

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