Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Classic Poses: running

Since I don't know a whole lot about it I'm not sure how to present it.  So I'll just present things the way I do them.

When characters run - as I said - you can pose them realistically or you can pose them "cartoon-ily."  I happen to prefer the cartoon option because it looks funny.  Realistic poses, irrespective of the amount of skill required - and that requires some real skill - don't look especially funny.

Now H-B used to make their funny characters run straight up and down, arms hanging at their sides.  To me, the effect was hilarious.  This is from a Top Cat model sheet:
Top Cat running for his life... but notice he doesn't lean into the run.  He runs straight up and down.
Now, to me, that's a funny pose!  So let's try it.  Here's my first blue pencil:
Pretty basic.  And I'm sure all of you can do a better job.  Then I start refining that blue pencil and making sure I've got the proportions right:
Now it looks like something I can ink reasonably well.  So I do that, trying for some variation in the line:
For the inking layer I worked in SketchBook Pro using the basic felt marker and the steady stroke function to smooth out the lines.  I used a Wacom art pen but SBP isn't as responsive to the capabilities of that pen as is Photoshop.  I just didn't feel like hassling with Photoshop.  As I said, SBP is quick and easy and the brushes are great... but there are limitations.

So there's Top Cat out for a run.  He's not jogging, that's for sure.  He's upset about something and anxious.  But he runs straight up and down.  Whatta geek!  Now that's funny!  Look at the little black spot underneath him: the suggestion of a shadow.  Meaning he's airborne for #$%^& sake and he's still running straight up and down.  C'mon, Top, lean into it!!

Next sesh we're still into running, but I found a poster that puts a little variation into TC's pose.  Equally as unlikely and equally as funny.  Stay tuned.

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