Sunday, May 5, 2013

Classic poses: see Benny the Ball run

[Fortunately no one reads this blog because I completely screwed up Benny's name and kept referring to him as "Benji."  Be kind to the elderly, gentle readers.  Allow us to babble away happily in a corner].

It is possible to have a funny, forward leaning running pose, as this poster demonstrates:
Lookit lil' Benji.  He's really leaning into his run and that looks funny as hell!

So let's count:

1) we have TC's "straight up and down" run, courtesy of the model sheet.
2) we have TC's cool run, courtesy of this poster.
and 3) we have Benji's "leaning into it" run, again courtesy of this poster.

And there's a couple other running poses here.  I've forgotten the name, but the olive green guy with th black scarf is actually leaning backwards while running. Choo-choo (I believe that's the correct name for the pink cat) is really working his arms while running.  And Brain is leaning forward while, similar to the model sheet, keeping his arms to his sides.

And look at Officer Dibble!  Now that's a funny pose. This poster is a virtual cornucopia of funny cartoon running poses!

Let's capture Benji's forward leaning run.  First I rough it out with blue pencil:
Then I refine the blue pencil so I have something I can ink:
Finally, I ink it and in this instance I added color so I could try out my new Wacom airbrush pen.

I'm not much good with that airbrush pen.  It works better in Photoshop than Sketchbook Pro - or at least, so the YouTubes say - and you can set the airbrush parameters.  As you can see I still have much to learn.

Well, we now have 3 running poses in our inventory.  That's enough for now.  Next sesh we go over some basics: Hands 'n Feet.  As we increase our inventory we'll re-visit the running poses but we'll try it with a different character.  We won't have a model sheet or poster to reference but we won't need it.  We'll have some standardized elements under our belt and that should get us through the exercise.

Please give lil' Benji a try and if you like the result, send it to me and I'll post it.

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