Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Project Four: Entering the final stage

All the elements, including the background, have been colored in.  I haven't begun on the final shading but thus far things are laying nicely together.
I like the primitiveness of it.  In fact, I wish this had been my picture because it captures for me what a "cartoony" background is all about... oddball shapes, odd angles, lots of color.  Colorful but not gaudy, not garish.  Good cartoons are pleasing to the eye.  And Mighty B! (in the early seasons at least) is a good cartoon.

I encourage all of you to try drawing these buildings.  You don't have to put the entire composition together but at least take a crack at some of the elements.  They are each and every one a learning experience.  Gotta tell ya, I'm having a blast.

A word about that apartment building to the right.  I wanted to capture the rough texture of cement or stone siding so I brought that drawing into Photoshop and "pixilated" the walls.  In Photoshop at least the siding became almost shiny to look at.  It might be the color.  Even a touch of guassian blur didn't tamp down the shininess.

Study it closely and see what you think.  I'm not unhappy with it but it didn't turn out the way I expected.  Things seldom do.

Stay tuned for the final shading.

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