Saturday, May 10, 2014

Gal in A Cowboy Hat... in Colored Pencil

Same project, but this time I used my new Artograph Lightpad and traced the design to a decent piece of watercolor paper.  Then I used colored pencil.
The Lightpad worked like a charm, incidentally.  

I scanned the picture and brought it into Photoshop to make some layers, do some clean up (I had smeared colored pencil all over the place; I know nothing about the medium), and to do a little color adjusting (I increased the reds to counter a washed out look... due to my color choices).  Finally I brought it into SketchBook Pro to do some line work and a tiny bit of shading.

Physical medium finished digitally.  Whatta concept.  Trust me, the actual picture was nowhere near this finished looking.... I'm very sloppy with actual "stuff."

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