Saturday, May 3, 2014

Drawing with Shapes: Some Side-by-Side Composites

Here are a few composites for your contemplation... food for thought before we soldier on and draw some more characters.  That, and I think these composites look cool!
Winsome Witch riding a broom
Winsome Witch chasing after something(/one)
The "Space Gal"... oooo la la !!
Boog in his natural state...
Boog, good 'n pissed off about somethin'!!
I would have thought the Space Gal would be the hardest to draw... one messed up shape and it's immediately noticeable.  But Boog, despite the simplicity of his basic "hot dog" shape (someone at work suggested it looked more like a Twinkie...yeah, I'll go along with that), was the hardest for me to get just right.  And it's still debatable how well I've got him.

So now let us continue examining the design and the basic shapes of more characters.  Later!

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