Monday, March 18, 2013

Project One (con't): Wally Gator blue pencil rough

I'm usually a pretty good draftsman but as you can see I didn't exactly copy the Wally Gator character from our screen capture:

For one thing, I'm not as interested in copying characters as I am in understanding what makes them tick.  Wally, like most Ed Benedict-designed animal characters, has a very long torso, short stubby little legs, long feet, in Wally's case short arms (ever seen an alligator with long arms?), and an over-sized head.  Funny, but also very hip in a 1950s retro sort of way.  If you removed the fedora and gave him a beret, Wally could be a beatnik gator.  Especially with a little goatee and side 'staches.  Most cool.

This blue pencil rough will serve our purposes because it conveys the essence of Wally Gator without slavishly adhering to the cartoon still version. 

Incidentally, I'm using SketchBook Pro Ver. 6 for my blue pencil drawings.  In fact, I enjoy drawing in SBP more than I do in Corel Painter or Photoshop.  SBP has everything you need for quick, spontaneous compositions and I highly recommend it.

Next we'll do a blue pencil rough of the little island and that very interesting tree.

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