Friday, March 29, 2013

Project One (con't): island and tree rendered in color

There's still a few things I need to tweak but here's the island and tree using a few brushes in SketchBook Pro.  I added some daisies for color and to add a little excitement (pickin's are pretty slim when daisies add excitement, don't you think?)

This may or may not be the way the final tree looks.  It's important not to let the project grab you by the nose and lead you around because invariably you don't like the result.

I think I'm going to add foliage to the top... in fact, it'll become a solid forest green back lighting our lettering, which will probably be white.  This is one example of how the project got away from me; I didn't make the foliage tall enough to suit the book cover and now I'm going to have to work around that.

Bummer.  But now to color in and add Wally.  Stay tuned.

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