Sunday, March 24, 2013

Project One (con't): framing our elements

I had to work this weekend... but I had a chance today to do some more to our project.  I had a brainstorm and imported a photo of a Golden Book into Photoshop.  I "whited out" the detail but kept the silverly spine cover.

When we frame our elements in this Golden Book photo, we get something like this:

A little sketchy, I admit, but it'll look better as we go along.

Also, I added some lettering which is consistent with the show opener.  I'll clean it up as the project progresses.  Also, later I'll show you - at least, those of you not too familiar with digital drawing - a trick with back-shadowing letters that looks pretty cool.

[BTW - I'm quite aware Wally's tummy is missing.  That stuff happens sometimes.]

Don't worry... as sketchy as it looks right now this project is going to come out fine.

Now to start coloring our elements.

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