Monday, March 17, 2014

Jungle Headquarters, Stage 1

So here's the deal.  Remember awhile back when I scooped an old clapboard building off Google Maps?  This was the building:
This is somewhere in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.  Great example of a clapboard building.
Then I tweaked it in Photoshop until I had something "cartoon-ey" looking:
Pretty far cry from the original photo, wouldn't you agree?  Tall and thin and slightly ridiculous looking.  Just like in a cartoon.

Here's my basic painting of the building:
Against a jungle backdrop it would be sorta reminiscent of a Johnny Quest episode, don't you think?
Notice that I've changed the colors and the design somewhat.  I haven't added any shading whatsoever because I'm still debating what sort of setting I'll use for it.  I specifically selected these colors to put it in a jungle or tropical backdrop.  I'm calling it Jungle Headquarters for now.

Old Cano, after all, has based himself in the middle region of the Philippines.

Having visited this part of the Philippines I can assure you a wooden building with thin windows like this would be pretty useless because it's hotter 'n !@#$% down there and you want lots of airflow.  Well, today they build these cinder block, squat, flat buildings with composite roofs that can withstand the monsoon season.

There are spooky ol' places like this one out there.  Lots of fun to look at but probably full of bugs.  Wooden buildings don't age well in that heat and humidity but they are cool-looking.

I tried putting in wider windows but like most issues of practicality... it doesn't give us the atmosphere we want.  It looks too dang functional to be spooky.  So thin little windows it is.

Also, if you look closely, I didn't use any straightedge tools.  This is completely hand-drawn using the photo as a reference.  A little loosey-goosey but that's what makes it a cartoon.

Stay tuned for Jungle Headquarters.

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