Friday, March 7, 2014

Old Cano Takes a Stroll

Anybody remember this guy?

So I thought: how about taking him out for a stroll to work some of the gut off him.

And there he is.  In one of the not-so-fine neighborhoods of So Cal.

This one took a long time because, as usual, I was in a hurry.  I started coloring and shading too soon without using a constant reference.  And before I knew it arms and legs were growing shorter and longer, shirt length varied from one figure to the next... even the hat looked different in each pose.  It was ridiculous!

Well, in the old days animators used light boxes.  They'd place their paper over the previous drawing and use it as a strict reference to keep things in proportion and to keep everything in spec.

So I started all over again.  This time I used the first drawing as my strict reference and basically "cannibalized" it for each of the succeeding drawings.

The graffiti on the fence, incidentally, reads National City.  Ahhhh.... home sweet home.

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