Friday, August 9, 2013

Out to Lunch...

... for maybe the rest of the year as I venture out into my personal "voyage of discovery" (hyark... barf... urrp...) learning my elements as I draw them.

Everyone's gotta go through it.  I just wish I had done this 50 years ago.  I'm not so proud of everything that I've drawn these past weeks but I'll post a couple that don't embarrass me too badly.

All hand drawn... no ruler tools or anything like that.  Not so great... but everything was done in SketchBook Pro.  I didn't use Photoshop for anything.  Great little exercise in shading.  Decent.  Still learning...

Folks at the SketchBook Pro Facebook page seem to like this one.  Crazy... because I was convinced it was coming out so horribly.
Right now I'm working on a painting of some tropical foliage.  It's coming along.  Nothin' special.

Voyage of discovery.  Yeah.  But slowly things are starting to "take."  Give it time.

To be continued.  At some point.  Anyway...

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